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We understand the importance of businesses having fast, flexible and reliable cabling systems.

But we also appreciate that every business is different.

That is why we offer all our clients bespoke cabling solutions to meet their quality and performance requirements both now and in the future.

Our objective is always to implement the most cost effective and technically superior solutions while also ensuring your network is future proofed. Your infrastructure will be flexible enough to support data, voice and video connectivity at rates far exceeding current levels.

All our installations are subject to a full outlet test and we will utilise a variety of testers (Fluke DSP-200 - Category 3, 4, 5 or 6 UTP and category 6 STP).

We are also able to supply detailed schematics from basic layouts to multi-layer computer-aided design drawings and test results in hard copy or electronic format.

We also offer a range of wireless internet and networking solutions to meet your needs, based on the type and construction of your building and the desire to connect to a single access point. As part of this service, we will generate heat maps, based on the structural plans of buildings, to show where wireless access points are optimally sited and ensure seamless coverage for your team and visitors.

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