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The traditional IT option was for businesses to maintain their own in-house data centre,
complete with backup generators, cooling infrastructure and support staff.

But times have changed and companies are increasingly seeing off-site, outsourced hosting as the ideal option for their ever evolving IT needs.

And there are very clear advantages, including increased reliability and bandwidth, while you can say goodbye to the costs of powering, maintaining and cooling your servers.

In fact, it is often the perfect option for businesses which do not have the capability to maintain, manage and upgrade their own data centre.

At Technique, we can give your server a home in a climate-controlled environment secured by 24/7 surveillance.

Our facility also offers resilient internet and power connections, together with 16KW of standby generator power, giving you the peace of mind that your online services will always be available to your employees and customers. 

We offer our clients a range of option including shared and dedicated racks and the option to rent servers. 

Our co-location facility in Berkshire is supported by a secondary back-up facility at Global Switch in London, providing additional security and reliability. 

And if that’s not enough, having your kit hosted by your IT provider means that if things go wrong we are, quite literally, just a few feet away.


Could Technique be right for your business?